“My Korean Travel Story”

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         “My Korean Travel Story” (For my first Time.)

         11 - 15 December 2011, Winter in Korea.


         Have I told you about my dream?!

         I dreamed about seeing snow at once of my life. Feeling of the coldest and seeing the beautiful snow’s field far away. Because I’m staying in the hot country so it’s impossible for me to touching that coldest unless putting my head in freezer instead. Hot weather and rainy to be as my close friend who I familiar with since I was born. How it’s amazing, if I have a chance to see the white snow falling down from the sky.

         “That is my dream way”

         Anyway, everything cannot to be like we want it to be. When I was student, I hadn’t any income and also my account statement wasn’t quite well. Thus, it’s out of reach for me to make my dream come true in that time. However, I never give up. After I graduated, I’ve gone to work and started saving money little by little. Hoping that, in one day I will buy the bigger refrigerator for myself.

         “Korea” is the first place that I thinking of ; lovely culture, fashion, attractive places (Seoul Tower, Nami Island etc.) and cold snow. It is a dream. Until I got it!

         - The Ticket!! -






         Day 1 : Incheon International Airport - La Provence Village - Nami Island


         ‘Business Air’ brought me to Incheon airport safely.

         What I saw when arrived is the modernization of the airport that I had never seen before. However, something outside more attracted me than the thing inside. Looking outside the window, winter wind and temperature drops below 0 oC was waiting for me, I felt coldness through the thick glass inserted into the interior. Coach took me out of the airport without delay ..

         I was surprising and exciting to traveled and saw everything I had never seen before.

         Such as atmosphere of the town, buildings, trees and people The trip made me feel a one word. 'World wide ' Is not the only place I ever lived. And the same ever seen. As soon the bus dropped us at the first attractive place.

         La Provence Village (Paju )

         French village which is a unique style of Provence in France, That was the first time, I could feel outside air since I was leave from Incheon 'The Coldness' was just only one feeling that I could touch. I came to Korea duringend 2011 year-end, is beginning winter here. I looked to my Pocket PC. 

         “How is temperature? ” then, the answered .

         “Now temperature is 5 oC” This level, I had never ever met before, Despite the cold slowly pierced my coat, I started tremble. But I could me smile with it without any doubt. I took pictures and got some rest by tasting bread from the store and warm my body with hot coffee. I enjoy to visited the various shops and took many photos along the corners.

         I told myself..

         “Now I am  in Korea!!”




         We had lunch at the place where not far from the village.  (Takkalbi 닭갈비 in Chuncheon, Famous Food)




         In afternoon, the bus brought us to another famous place, one of them is the place that I love to go. This place was used for film popular Korean’s throughout Asia called 'winter love song' which is popular and also was one scene of Thai movie called Kuan Muen Ho (Hello Stranger). ' 

         In fact, there were several places where I missed to visit such as the Full House’s shooting location (my favorite Korean’s series) I won’t miss it again in next time.

         I was very impressed by this place. Looking view all around and taking pictures of pine trees, Bae Yongjun and Ji Chang’s statue and so on. I had a great time there. Temperature had still a single number and it was cold, I tried to searching for snow but unfortunately, “Today the snow might not fall down”  I think.

         “Never mind! There was another chance to say hi with the snow because I am going to stay here for several day” I consoled to myself.





         Day 2 : Waujeongsa Temple - Oak Valley Ski resort – Everland


         We started my second day trip at Waujeongsa Temple.

         Inside the temple, there were large Buddha’s head and big bell which used for striking at Open Olympic Ceremony (1988).




         After that, I moved toward to other place where I had been waiting for in this trip. That is ‘Oak Valley Ski Resort’

         Oak Valley Ski Resort is as a heaven for the beginner. Moreover, I could see snow here. On the way, I noticed the big brown trees and doubted that, all of these trees already death or still alive. The bus brought us gradually deeper in mountain.

         There, I did see white snow on the ski yard!!

         Whoa!! Finally but where is snowflake in the wind? And again I was surprised, snow which I was going to ski is manmade snow. Forming of snow in nature needs 2 components.

         First, low temperature and second, enough humidity - Temperature was low enough, around -2 oC but humidity was low. So, snow that I saw was not the real one.

         Even it was not real, I skied, I was my first time. It was fun, stood and fell over and over again. That was full of smile, laugh. I will remember you. ‘my first time with my loved snow’ Even it was not real but I will never forget it.




         We spent our noon at Everland Theme Park.

         I had heard about this amusement park before I came here. Everland’s players are well known so I wouldn’t to take a chance for sure. Although, I used to visit another amusement park but Everland’s T-Express roller coaster made me forget all of playing machines that I played before.

         It was so excited when the front of the train went down to the bottom nearly 80   degree (77 degree) If I can scream like women do, I will do. Thus, if you have any chance to visit here, Please do not forget to catch T-Express.





         Day 3 : Gyeongbokgung Palace (경복궁) - N Seoul Tower - Fanta Stick Show


         Today, I was still waiting for the snow.

         My hope was gone after I checked weather forecast from cell. The third day we went to the palace called Gyeongbokgung Palace where is the oldest wooden palace.

         Gyeongbokgung Palace built in 1394 ; used as a military command center and residence of monarch. I had opportunity to sightseeing the greatness of the past inside there.

         I was enjoy walking and taking photos. I was lose track of time.

         For me, the history was quite interesting to study and also we can use and adapt what we learn from the past to our present life. 




         We were at this palace until noon. Then we went to another famous place. That is the N Seoul Tower

         If you arrive at Korea but never come here means you have not arrive at Korea yet.

Seoul Tower (or Numsan Tower) is famous among the lover couple. They believe, which couple come and lace the key together at Seoul Tower, their love will be forever. Again, I fell in love with this place. Good weather and nice atmosphere I was dreamy because of it.

         Here! this is my impress photo.




         In the evening we went to the amethyst factory.  

         The factory is not very big, but inside there is a lot of shops to enjoy shopping.

         I bought beautiful keychains and necklaces as souvenirs. I thought these souvenirs can make all of receivers happy for sure. At that night, I had an opportunity to see the famous Fanta Stick Show performance.

         All actors’ performance was good, I admired. At the end of the show, I heard loud applause from everywhere. So I’m not surprised why they success and be known around the world.

         By the way “Tomorrow is the last day isn’t it.”

         I didn’t want to go back!!.





         Day 4 : Gimchi School - Ginseng Center - Seoul - Incheon International Airport


         'I woke up early with feeling of dismay!!.

         The time of happiness always pass so fast. As cliché, “All good things come to and end.”    

         Last day, we went to Gimchi School. Actually, I didn’t like eating Gimchi but after I attended the class of making Gimchi, now I changed my mind. I found Gimchi is very tasty.  I worn apron and then learnt how to make Gimchi (again, it was my first time), More I knew about the history of Gimchi, more I love it.

         Also, I didn’t forget to bring Gimchi come back to Thailand.




         We dropped a few minutes at the Ginseng Center. Of cause,

         I wanna buy some but after I checked money in my wallet, I quite spent a lot. For here, looking around was enough.

         Kept continue shopping at Myeong-dong (명동), famous shopping street. For me, I love shopping as much as travelling among the nature.Myeong-dong (명동) is one of the primary shopping districts in Seoul.

         Here, there are many things such as fashion cloths and etc. (Korean well-known as fashion leader country) I bought cloths as much as I could afford concurrently took the photos along the way I passed. I was very happy and enjoyable and again I lose track of time. I became aware at the airport.




         And again, I was starve for time that gone so fast. I close my eyes and rerun everything that happened in here. It was like a dream. I saw my loved snow, had a chance to visit the pretty country, met new friendship, played ski, made Gimchi and etc.




         I don’t know how I can express all of my feeling about this trip.

         All of happiness will stick in my mind until I died. And I will come again.

         If you are looking for any place where fulfill your happiness. I suggest you to come to Korea,

         you will meet nice experience that you’ve never ever met before.

         And that’s My Korean Travel Story,

         See you soon.








         Special Thanks   : http://english.visitkorea.or.kr

                                    : Korea Tourism Organization Thailand

                                      (https://www.facebook.com/KTOThailand )

                                    : Miss Thanphichon Kijbunjerdjarus

                                    : Miss Benjamas Chaikul

                                    : everyone who came to read my story







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